Saturday, August 6, 2022

Rhodes College Band of Alumni Petition to Remove Justice Barrett From Its Hall of Fame For Honor Code Violations


“Pro Choice” advocates’ wheel no matter how small a minority squeaks the loudest in search of the most grease
In a latest example of this well used adage, we look the Rhodes College Alumni Reproductive Rights group that demand Justice Barrett’s name on its Hall of Fame cease
This band of “concerned” alumni has made the outrageous claim
In her testimony to the Senate the Rhodes College Honor Code with her violation shamed
The Code commands that one should not lie
Which in her discussion of Roe v Wade her belief on its constitutionality she defied
Rhodes also has a Diversity code that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on a host of characteristics like race
But silent like most of academia on discrimination based on conservative thought which the left strives to erase
Doubt if any of this small band of squeakers were outraged over the stealing and leaking of Alioto’s draft opinion
Overturning Roe and blowing the dog whistles of hate to summon the zealots prochoice minions
It may be admirable that Rhodes Alumni want to do their part that the Honor Code after graduation is still observed
But is to be condemned when applied to the political arena and only against those who vote to support those platforms that conserve
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