Monday, August 8, 2022

Unprecedented Raid On Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home to Prevent Him From Running For President


Merrick Garland has remained locked in a snit fit
For a Red Senate who would not allow a vote that could have allowed him to on SOTUS sit
Now as AG he is hell bent to deploy payback time
From accusing parents protesting the teaching of CRT to being domestic terrorists committing crimes
To authorizing through like false application for search warrants Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raids
An Ex-president is not above the law but a morning raid of 30 armed agents the rule of law degrades
A bogus claim that Trump took with him from the White House documents that were classified
And therefore is guilty of the Federal Records Retention Act having blatantly defied
Staggers the imagination that the raid was not politicly motivated to a Trump reelection bid prevent
Trump to the Swamp rulers is a clear and present danger if to the Oval Office once again he went
Explains why the January 6 Committee has only Blues and RINOs to Trump’s reelection prevent
We may have thought the Russian Collusion Delusion was a hoax by a few agents who were rogue
This raid proves the corruption of the FBI and DOJ is definitely in vogue
Thanks to the likes of Garland and Wray we are losing the rule of law
Lady Justice is no longer blind and the idea of pursuing Reds for being Reds is totally flawed
The only way to put the ship of state on the course that is right
Is to win the House and Senate and put these leftists to flight
© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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