Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Dobbs and Abortion Narrative May Be the Blues Silver Bullet That Will Crush the Red Wave


The hardest thing a Red candidate has to do is to narrow down the Blue failings
So the campaign message is too diluted and confused and becomes unavailing
From Afghanistan to COVID to immigration to crime to Fentanyl to inflation to woke and CRT in our schools
No matter where you look the Blues’ stand on issues makes them look like total fools
 Captured by the progressive wing known as the Squad
Drifting further and further away from the center with ideas flawed
Yet in states that Reds should win hands down
Like Pennsylvania where Oz is trailing the hooded Fetterman clown
Hardly recovered from his stroke barely able to coherently speak
Hiding from the public to conceal he is very mentally and physically weak
Or in Wisconsin where Ron Johnson is trailing a truly leftist Blue  by 5 to 7 points
In upstate New York in a special House election to fill the seat due to Zeldin running for governor of the Empire State
A Blue running on the need to abortion protect by a slim margin beat a Red running on inflation and Biden that lost in the debate
The Blues thanks to the Dobbs decision may have halted the Red wave in its tracks
The House and Senate majority they may not take back
Reds must frame the debate on abortion on issues and time frames most people support
Only in rape and incest and save the life of the mother after 2nd or 3rd trimester ok to abort
Up to the moment the fetus begins a trip down the birthing canal too close to a human kill
That Blue position advocated by Blues wanting no restrictions for abortion on demand is a too bitter to swallow pill

© August 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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