Thursday, August 4, 2022

West Virginia Bans State from Doing Business With Banks That Seek High EGS Levels by Restricting Loans to Fossil Fuel Companies


Woke is a pervasive cancer that through almost all segments of our society has spread
From politics, education, the military, academia, sports and business being fought by the Reds
A recent woke in the banking industry has recently reared its prosperity killing head
Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards designed to prevent fossil fuel consumption move ahead
Five large banks have announced that to better raised their EGS level will lower fossil fuel lending exposure
Which will in West Virginia lead to many tax paying coal mine closures
Taking a cue from the PLO’s creation of the BDS movement against Israel decades ago
And the boycotts and sanctions against South Africa which dealt apartheid a mortal blow
West Virginia will no longer do business with those five banks
That are biting the hand that feeds them and driving fossil fuel companies into the tank
Fortunately West Virginia is not alone and the State Financial Officers Foundation is attacking the weaponization of capital by woke
To insure states run by Reds move to dealings with banks and financial institution that promote and follow woke ESG standards revoke
Sadly California, New York, and Illinois more like Blue run banana republics than two party states
Will most likely not join but increase in all sectors their pushing of falsely imagined woke mandates

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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