Sunday, August 21, 2022

False Asylum Seekers Know That If They Can Cross Into the U.S. and Claim Asylum They Are Here For Good


One thing we have learned from the wave of illegals surging past record heights

Is that when learning how to scam our immigration system they learn fast and are quite bright
They have been taught the few words that mean they asylum seek
And once those words to a CBP agent they speak
They are here in this nation to stay
Until a hearing in a backlogged courtroom many, many years away
If they like so many of their fellow false asylum seekers fail to appear
The heavy hand of ICE searching for them or conducting sweeps they need not fear
Sanctuary cities and states will shower them with aid and gifts
Even while their own urban city residents are suffering and in short shrift
The DHS has in essence ignored and rewritten the law a power Congress is supposed to own
To provide that being an illegal in this nation does give us the right to deport and send them back to their home
The Red Wave that seems to be slipping away must be restored at all costs
If the Senate is not retaken and more leftist justices are confirmed this nation is lost
© August 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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