Wednesday, August 31, 2022

First Report Since 2004 from Department of Education Shows in 2022 Through June 30, 181 Educators Arrested For Sex Crimes Against Minors


From the history of this nation and its one room schools
We as parents and students looked up to our teachers as they plied their teaching tools
Apples to a teacher and supplies like wood and farm products to their income augment
But today it seems more and more to wonder why that former praise and admiration went
Urban schools have more and more students performing below grade
More and more dropping out or graduating almost illiterate to join the into jail soon parade
The teachers’ unions have expanded beyond the need to better working conditions and more income strive
To fight to keep the schools open but education viral and in classroom teaching not revive
To wage a woke war on students and parents by teaching gender equality and CRT
No wonder Catholic and charter schools are growing in number and student quantities
Now we learn of news that should outrage us all Blue or Red
6 months of 2022 181 educators K-12 have been arrested for a life of sex crimes against minors led
Schools that accept federal cash
Now must have systems in place to prevent passing trash
No longer could a principal cover a teacher’s sexual abuse
To allow transfer to another district to on other students that teacher’s reptilian brain let loose
Maybe it is high time for teachers’ unions to spend less on electing Blues
But more on preventing sexual misconduct that all of us with a passion rue
© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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