Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Middle Class Facing Audits in the 1000's Thanks to 87,000 New IRS Agents


The American taxpayer will be soon facing 87,000 more agents from the IRS
Increasing the number of audits for middle income taxpayers with a lot more stress
Anyone who thought Biden’s pronouncement that only those over $400,000 would see taxes higher
They should have realized the warnings given to anyone in the role of a buyer
Caveat Emptor—Buyer Beware as the IRS with its increased staff is expected to rake in $124 billion more
Do not be surprised if thousands of income earners less than $400,000 will see audit notices at their front door
The idea that the increased number of agents will be confined in their offices waiting to answer the phone we should ignore
$80 billion spent to hire the agents means $124 billion to the Treasury restore
We will quickly to our detriment learn the IRS will quickly run out of the 2.8 million who more than $400 grand earned
Which means to meet or exceed their targets
Not going below the $400 grand threshold the IRS will have to forget
Billions of spending to fritter away to make us on China more dependent
All the while destroying our fossil fuels to make us less energy independent
Return us to dark days of Carter and long fuel lines
An energy policy that gasless no fill up days defined
Made even worse by the number of EV’s on highways and streets
Overpowering the overworked power grid so blackouts and brownouts we will greet
What everyone here in America should really fear
That the Green New Deal Bridge will become a go nowhere pier

© August 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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