Saturday, August 20, 2022

DHS Illegally Rewrites Immigration Law So Being Only Here illegally Is Not Grounds for Deportation--Impeach Mayorkas!


Our Southern Border is being swamped by a titanic tidal wave

Of illegals while our Blue Administration sits on its hands and does nothing to our safety save
Over a record number of encounters of over 2 million and the fiscal year is not yet through
If we are going to continue as a nation we must impeach Mayorkas and start severely reducing the number of reelected Blues
While we are facing record number of illegals ICE is facing the perfect storm
Arresting very few illegals and deporting only the smallest fraction of illegals is now the norm
A national emergency caused by Biden’s open border welcome mat
And edicts that reduce ICE to like a person playing baseball without a glove or bat
With liberal cities like Washington, D.C. and New York City receiving busloads of illegals from the Lone Star State
We hope the NIMBY’s there now feeling the pain of border communities will for securing the border no longer wait
May want to do the right thing and halt all asylum petitions until the wall is finished, more ICE and CBP agents are hired and trained and deportations in larger numbers resume
Illegals must get the message if you come here you will be turned back and if you evade capture and slip in we will find you and to deportation you will be doomed

Maybe just maybe if the border is truly secured and closed we can begin the process of determining how many immigrants with what skills we need
Who can support themselves for shelter, clothing, transportation and food to without assistance feed
And for those millions living in the shadows of deportation risks be granted work visas and fulfill however long it takes the steps legal migrants have to take
To be on a path to citizenship to have as citizens skin in the game of security and prosperity having a stake
© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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