Sunday, August 14, 2022

Rookie Matt Azaiza Punting from His 5 Yard Line Kicks the Ball Into the End Zone For a Net 62 Yard Touchback


Preseason football has started with in the early games the starter stars are on the sidelines on the benches
While the rookies and draft picks are fighting to see whom a spot on the rooster clenches
A lot of penalties, missed holes, dropped passes, missed blocks and broken plays
All part of the difficulties in transferring from the college game to the pro game complexities to display
Occasionally but rarely the fans see a play that totally will amaze
Leave the fans almost in a total daze
Buffalo Bills rookie Matt Araiza is competing with veteran Matt Haack for the punter’s position on the team
A Bills’ drive stalled on their 18 and Bills were forced to punt giving their opponents great field position it would seem
Araiza launched rocket from his five
That force of gravity would defy
95 yards into the endzone and more for a touchback
For an incredible net 62 yards distance
Forcing their opponent to achieve a touchdown face 80 yards of resistance
The veteran had to also punt once and he achieved a paltry 38 yards
The coaches decision as to whom is the starting punter should not be very hard

© August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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