Wednesday, August 31, 2022

CBP After Listening to Jean-Pierre Believes She Is Either Dumb or a Liar Which this Poet Believes She Is Both


The Border Patrol Agents listening to Karine Jean-Pierre are howling that she is either really dumb
Or in order to keep her job forced by Biden and his minions to the need to lie succumb
Watching her perform her job it is not really hard to tell
With her head buried in her briefing book trying to a nonresponsive answer there trying to sell
She might try to claim that wading across the Rio Grande does not count as walking
Ignoring that feet are on the riverbed leads our response as one of her mocking
Grading the performance of Karine Jean-Pierre
The only thing between her ears is the empty space of air
With just enough neurons to the truth be able to totally defy
But dumb enough to believe listeners won’t realize she lies
Not a one trick pony but only two
Dumb and a liar which typifies too many Blues
She is probably safe in her job as any reports to Biden on her performance a nanosecond will last
Before in Biden’s cognitively impaired memory bank are erased so fast

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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