Thursday, August 4, 2022

Moscow Judge Hits Griner with 9 Year Sentence End of Career Without Prisoner Swap


A Moscow judge has handed down his sentence on Brittany Griner today
At nine years in prison if served full time never again will a game of basketball will she play

Her only chance for freedom would be a prison exchange
Which with the swap of deadly terrorist arms dealer Viktor Bout the Biden Administration trying to arrange
Most Americans are outraged over the sentence and the conditions in Russian jails
And the danger of more swaps generated more seizures of Americans by Putin’s thugs entail
As much as releasing Bout would be like swap of Bergdahl for 5 Taliban
Who not much longer after their release they were back in business in Afghanistan
It is the right thing to do
But this time be prepared to Hellfire him if he shows killing Americans he’s not through
Sadly leave it to the MSM in the form of CNN’s Dana Bash
Who blames the arrest on the fact WNBA players are not paid enough cash
The NBA men are paid many, many more dollars than women in the WNBA
Which is why so many go to Europe including Russia during the off season
Griner the highest paid woman in the WNBA was by the Russians paid more
The fans there are willing to pay premium to the rare woman who often dunks when she scores
Advertising revenue not ticket prices are the big salary driver

The WNBA lacks the fans to rack in the ad dollars so its players are hanging on survivors
Thanks to the plight of Griner that poverty may end
The head of the WNBA announced a $75 million infusion to capitalize on the growing interest in women’s sports trend
A huge gap due to the NBA’ expanding global reach
The WNBA better posed to adopt what the NBA marketing wizards can them teach
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