Monday, August 29, 2022

Jeremy Bash who Signed with 50 Former Intel Officials in October Surprise Hunter's Lap Was Russian Propaganda Receive a Quid Pro Quo Appointment to National Intelligence Review Board?


Despite his cognitive weakness that grows more each day
Biden still retains skill to the game of quid pro quo play
With Hunter Biden’s laptop stories starting to surface that Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s CCP investments were real
As the bombshell NY Post headlined story revealed
The MSM and social media fearing disclosures would hurt Biden quickly moved to conceal
Almost to a one the talking heads at the MSM stated the laptop was Russian propaganda design to sway the election
50 former intel officials including that icon of lies James Clapper signed a letter vowing it was Russian propaganda and deserved rejection
Social Media trumped the MSM’s intent to conceal and either banned out right the article or severely limited its distribution
Their concealment was critical and Biden won but finally even the leftist rag New York Times admitted they were wrong so was there any retribution?
In Quid Pro Quo land the answer is no and one of letter signers and MSNBC contributor Jeremy Bash
From day one to anyone who would put him on the air aped his name and lap top as Russian propaganda to influence the election bashed
Was Bash so brilliant that he was needed to be on this board?
Or was it Biden payback to Bash’s attempt to the Hunter Lap story be gored
So wrong on Hunter Biden’s lap top so what has he learned to give truthful advice?
We can only pray he is qualified to advise and not a reward for Biden’s quid pro quo vice
Suspect the pay is less than $100k but the title will open panelist on the air doors
Encouragement to those potential whistleblowers keeping silent on Biden miscues that Biden has enough neurons left to their contributions not ignore

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