Friday, August 12, 2022

Gas Prices May Falling But Food Prices Going Through the Roof


With gas prices coming down but still higher that when Biden was sworn in
His administration is boasting over what it has called a true win
But before Biden starts handing out high fives
Food prices unlike gas prices are not taking a dive
In July food prices soared by 13.1 percent over July of last year
1.4% higher than a month ago with the producer price index up 1% adding to inflation fears
Fortunately, in this dismal inflation cloud there is a silver lining
That may reduce the pain of paying more and more for dining
We a nation where too many of us are overweight or worse obese
With higher food costs we may eat less to slow the rise in Type II diabetes
The normal answer to inflation is to produce more
Which means the calls of the green new deal to produce less fertilizer we must ignore
And maybe more weapons to Ukraine to raise the costs to the Russians they must endure
To force them to end their invasion to increases in food from Ukraine the world insure
Rising costs may force us to eat less beef which would reduce the amount of methane emissions from cows
And reduce cholesterol and coronary disease if more plant based protein was in our chow

© August 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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