Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fetterman In His Hoodie Looks Like One of the Felons He Was To Release Early


Fetterman recovering from a stroke for PA Senator looks like he needs to recover more
Speech and movement seems like they need more time to completely restore
Campaigning in a hoodie with a tattooed numbered arm
He looks like one of the felons he wants release and bring us harm
Cities like Philadelphia are awash in violent crime
To often arrested in the morning but not prosecuted or released on cashless bail before same day dinner time
What member of an Pennsylvania urban city Blue Line will want to risk his life to see the convicted due to Fetterman to early go free
Not to try out the benefits of old age on a rocker but be back action to see the same person better prison trained to commit a crime spree
A resurfaced tape that represents the dangers of past inanities candidates cannot escape
Shows Fetterman arguing for the release of the mythical nonviolent ones instead of the majority who will assault, murder and rape
Until rehabilitation works to become more than a feel good social myth
We need to reject candidates who will not early release do away with
© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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