Monday, August 8, 2022

AOC and Almost All Blues Especially the Ones in New York Are MIA in the Fight Against Crime and Push For Citizens' Safety


Here’s for AOC is a much needed news flash
As safety of her constituents from violent crimes is bashed
While she is in the Swamp hogging the airwaves
Pushing her latest leftist cause her constituents are heading to their graves
Her defund and reimagine the police are causing NYPD members from the force to flee
A thin Blue Line demoralized by the arrest and release felons in shooting sprees
When members of the NYPD are walking away from their pensions
A sign that in the criminal justice system all sanity is in suspension
Sadly in terms of idiocy and MIA in the crime fight AOC is not alone
he is joined by D.A. Bragg whose charging policies make us groan
Charge a senior Bodegas clerk in self-defense with homicide
Yet too often giving violent and deadly felons to freedom a ride
And last but not least are the Albany Blues led by Governor Hochul
Who is near the top of the leftist list of soft on crime Albany yokels
Where is the outrage of the New York Blues for the violent crimes being waged?
What does it take to abandon their cashless bail and get on a realistic safety page?
Crime is severe problem that effects the well-being and safety of us all
Far more than the abortion debate that the Blues are pushing to win in the fall
© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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