Saturday, August 27, 2022

Newsom Puts the Cart Before the EVs' Batteries Horses to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Powered Cars in 2035


In the Banana Republic once golden and now known as the Iron Pyrite State
Residents the sale of new fossil fuel powered cars in 2035 now await
Addressing climate change is a worthy ideal
Even if sadly the U.S. is less than 15% of the carbon emissions deal
The Blue politicians and Silicon Valley elite are pleased that new fossil fueled cars will no longer grace our roads and streets
They can easily afford the $60,000 + price tag of an EV that the middle class now being audited to death by 87k new IRS agents cannot meet
Newsom is ignoring hybrids and putting the cart before the EV batteries horse
Hell bent for election as he sheds market forces to embark on this ill guided course
Doubt that the wizards of Sacrament with eyes clouded with New Green Deal cataracts
Have given a thought to how our fragile grid is going to recharge the millions of EV batteries without going black
After 2035 California will start to resemble Havana in the 60’s and beyond when the U.S. trade embargo kicked in
Aging cars with fewer gas stations to fuel for work or a rare Sunday spin
China the growing monopolist of needed solar and wind power generating parts will be licking its chops
As a once energy independent rival will see its economy sputter for lack of energy then drop

© August 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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