Monday, August 15, 2022

Wray's FBI Gulfstream 550 Flight to His Vacation Home Trumps Need to Stay 21 More Minutes For Oversight and Cost Thousands More to Operate


With federal spending in the trillions in addition to waste and fraud
Too many of our executive public servants think the government pick up the tab for personal expenses is allowed
Case in point is the use of agency jets
When the existence of commercial travel is available they are prone to forget
Christopher Wray was flying the FBI’s Gulfstream 550 to his vacation home site
Abruptly terminated his appearance before the Senate to not miss his flight
Since he was probably the only one on the plane could have easily another 21 minutes stayed
But now as the director of the FBI vacation time trumped oversight and could not be delayed
Government planes for other than official business are not to be for personal use
Unless no commercial flights are available or would cost more or the perk would subject to abuse
And in a weak attempt to diminish raids on the federal purse
The user is supposed to the cost of the flight the Treasury reimburse
Past FBI directors have paid back the costs of a commercial flight which would be a fraction of the cost
Of a Gulfstream 550 which does not include the chance to cut back on carbon emissions lost
Time to tell us Director Wray
For your vacation jaunts how much to the Treasury did you pay?
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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