Thursday, August 25, 2022

Increasing Numbers of Bulls Joining the Cry That Discharge of Student Debt Is a Bad Idea


You can always count on a politician to put party after seat preservation
Growing number of Blues in tight races are balking at the student debt cancellation
When large numbers of borrowers have difficulty in their loans being repaid
What’s the first thing a smart lender will do to a collection action evade
And result in the asset into junk bond status be its grade
Enter into a loan modification agreement to increase the term
Which will lower the payments and the money a debtor has to earn
And change the interest rate that will make it easier to pay
Loan modifications for worthy borrowers have been a tool used by lenders every day
But to throw up your hands and discharge 10 to 20 grand as your first words at the bargaining table
Merits assigning the lender an idiocy label
But for Biden and his minions it’s not their money so they don’t care
Unable to look at another source of who should the pain of discharge share
How many students took on inflated tuition and room and board debt?
Led to believe by the colleges that a degree to a high paying job was an easy step
Worthless degrees that did not enhance job procurement skills
Woke ideology as opposed to thinking and communicating abilities to instill
Might not be a bad idea for colleges based on the value of what was taught
A credit reduction for the some of the tuition to give the relief they now have sought

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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