Sunday, August 28, 2022

Biden Focuses on a Longer Term Climate Change Threat Ignores Near Term Existential Chinese Threat


Every time we look at our world, we see a growing Chinese economic and military threat
We should be terrified that Biden has not risen from his cognitive slumber to recognize it yet
A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter in a regional deployment exercise on fishing in the seas
Was denied admission to enter a Solomon Islands port for provisions probably due to rejection by the Chinese
From building islands in International Waters to more and more military exercises to  Taiwan to up the ante on its invasion threats

Military exercise of landings, missiles launched and daily incursion into Taiwan air space by fighter jets
Biden on what we will do if China invades has been anything than forceful and clear
President XI probably certain that unlike Trump from Biden he has nothing to fear
Maybe because he is looking at a frail and demented senile weak old man
Or maybe he knows that in his, Hunter’s and the Biden family’s pockets there are entrenched Chinese hands
What should concern us is that we are looking at the wrong existential threat
There will come a time when the world led by us will have to oppose climate change but not yet
But the Chinese threat is here and it is now and our military and diplomats are to it asleep at the wheel
While around the world China is expanding its influence with trade and infrastructure deals
Human rights support may be a worthy goal but pursuing Chinese market too many sports and businesses have lost their soul
We immediately cease the focus on woke
That decline in military preparedness stokes

Start looking to building more ships, missiles and planes
Looking to expanding bases and alliances in the Pacific to China try to contain
Americans will need to hold on to their seats
The next 2 years will be E-tickets especially if the Blues do not go down in defeat

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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