Sunday, August 28, 2022

Clark the America Eagle Thrills Passengers Going Through a TSA Screening Line


It seems every time we turn around,we see a symbol or name of our history under PC attack
Regardless of their contributions to the nation any respect for them we are supposed to lack
If they owned slaves or fought for the South any memory of them the left thinks should be erased
Sadly with no one or nothing of comparable merit and fame to be put in their place
According to the left our history starts in 1619
When the stain of slavery on our shores was first seen
Jefferson and Madison whose brilliance gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
Their contribution to the nation once honored now demanded by the left to be mere lilliputian
At the University of Virginia a small leftist band of students are demanding any statutes of him be removed
Without any coherent reason of why the majority of students and alums will than have nonexistent anxiety will be soothed
In this incessant attack on our symbols a most refreshing event at an airport was seen
At a TSA checkpoint to board a flight Clark was ready to go through the scanning screens
Not the Clark of Superman famed but an Aquila who also flies
A symbol of American might ready to pounce on any foe who to damage our security tries
An American eagle who goes across the nation on shows
Like America a firm belief that our defeats we will never know

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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