Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Record Gun Sales Even In Blue States


We all know that when you mix the colors green and blue yellow is the result
And politics red and blue mixed purple is the symbol to partisanship insult
What happens when defend the police and Soros funded D.A.’s like Gascon clash
With surges of violent crime in Blue run cities to residents’ safety clash
The answer should not surprise anyone
You get record levels of purchases of guns
Not because of a surge in interest in hunting to the price of meat on the increase
But number of armed robberies, smash and grabs, home invasions, assaults and homicides that do not cease
People are sacred that they in their homes, on the streets, in their cars and in public places
Will a felon  or severely mentally ill person with a gun armed will have to face
Unless in public they have a permit to conceal and carry
By the time a 911 call is responded to their body will be ready to bury
Same in their homes that have ceased to castles be
Unless in moat like gated communities
Even in Blue states like Massachusetts sales of handguns are off the charts
People want a sense of security that only a loaded gun will impart

© August 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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