Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ex-boyfriend Caught on Door Cam Trying to Break Down the Door Shot and Killed by Father and Saved by Cam From Prosecution and Very Likely From Civil Wrongful Death Suit


In Sydney, Ohio the 2nd Amendment and common sense self-defense rule
And a potential felon who ignores that may find a response which is deadly cruel
22 year old James Rayl who was a boyfriend of Allyson Dukro
But she ended the relationship some 18 months ago
He left a message on her voice mail the night before not reported what he said
But as we will see it filled her with great dead
At 11:00 A.M. he appeared at the family residence and rang the doorbell
No answer so he left and returned to ring again as the start of his death knell
He opened the screen door then pulled at the handle of the door which was locked
His entrance to the home was clearly blocked
Told by Mitchell Dukro, her father, that Allyson would not see him and to depart  
He instead started slamming his body into the door to try to  break it apart
Mitchell warned him to leave and that he had a gun
But Rayl did not stop and the dead bolt started to detach to the have his prying the door open begun
No way with the door now open two inches some one that strong Mitchell was going to allow in his home
He aimed his gun and shot Rayl three times turning the scene into a killing zone
Rayl retreated to the driveway then collapsed and died
Fortunately for Durko he had a doorbell cam with audio to show on self- defense he relied
On the 911 call Allyson was heard telling him he had her life saved
The grand jury heard the voicemail and  the 911 call and the doorbell cam saw to send any idea of a crime to a round file grave
No indictment, no prosecution to be able to in your castle stand your ground
And with the video unlikely a lawyer for a wrongful death case will be found
© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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