Wednesday, August 31, 2022

CA's ISO Due to Coming Heat Wave Ordering Residents Not to Use Major Appliances and Charge EV's From 4-7--Revealing the EV's' Achilles Heel


As California’s overstretched power grid faces the onslaught of a heat wave
And its ISO is urging residents to from 4-9 not use large appliances or charge EV’s and raise AC settings to electric consumption save
Newsom has just signed an executive order to increase electricity production
By bringing back on line fossil fueled generation in the era of trying to have carbon emission reduction?
Fortunately in California EV’s constitute only 1.7% of the 30 million vehicles on the road
So charging them would make little demand on the electric power grid load
But the warning to not charge them reveals the New Green Deal’s Achilles Heel
Where are we going to get the power to charge those millions of EV’s on wheels?
And as more and more EV’s consumers will be forced to buy
What means on handling the discarded EV batteries will we rely?
Newsom has his pedal to the metal on EV sales far too soon
Ignoring to the middle class the expected financial ruin
We are struggling already to increase battery range, charging speed
and the number of charging stations all of which for more EV sales we need
Newsom will be out of office when the charging crisis comes home to roost
Rolling blackouts will mean EV’s idle in garages and Red political chances with a major boost
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