Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Day of a Good Man With a Gun Stopping an Evil Man With One Is Over Hochul Proclaims to Make Times Square a Gun Free Zone


New York City is awash in violent crime not just at night but during broad daylight
Shopping in the city or dining out after a play great chance to be a victim of a gun fight
Or beaten and robbed at the point of a gun after from an ATM withdrawing cash
With the Thin Blue Line shrinking and D.A.’s catch and release, safety is about to crash
After the stain of a perverted Cuomo and his nursing home COVID deaths
Frail seniors on a ventilator in ICU, families banned, gasping to take their last breaths
Was New York lucky enough to get a governor who wanted the crime wave to defeat?
Who would fire the progressive D.A.’s that released felons quickly back on the streets?
No New Yorkers got a governor who inanely proclaimed the day of good man with a gun
Ready and able to stop an evil one with a gun is over and done
Former Lt. Governor now Governor Kathy Hochul
Best described as a total inept leftist yokel
Has declared that Times Square in New York City is now a gun free zone
Wonder if this leftist Blue really believes the felons will leave their weapons at home
Gun free zones are magnets for felons who want to assault, rob and rape
But don’t relish the prospects of being shot either before or trying to escape
This woman is surrounded by a veritable army of police well-armed
To protect her wherever she goes from any attempt to her harm
Not so the woman visiting Times Square fearing for her safety wanting a gun in her purse
Praying that her next trip is not in an ambulance to sadly be followed by one in a hearse
The time should be over for yokels
Time to vote for Zeldin and end the plague of Hochul

© September 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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