Monday, September 19, 2022

Another Franken May Be Laid Low by the Reptilian Brain as Mike Franken in Iowa Is Accused by Former Campaign Manager of Unwanted Sexual Advances


The reptilian brain in politics is alive and well
And on both sides of the aisle it is known too often to dwell
In Iowa a retired Admiral Mike Franken is running to Chuck Grassley unseat
Second try as failed in the Blue primary to try to in 2020 incumbent Joni Ernst defeat
News just out is that former campaign manager Kimberley Strope-Boggus has accused him of unwanted sexual advances
If her claims are not bogus but real an end to his winning against Grassley chances
What is unique about the claim
Is the fate of another Senator forced to resign in shame
Al Franken who often acted as if being a Senator was a SNL joke
Was hit with a slew of unwanted sexual advance claims by women to provoke
Demands that he resign from the Senate in disgrace
From both sides of the aisle outcry that he had soiled the dignity of the place
Facing the threat of censure and loss of all committee assignments on January 2, 2018
He resigned by the Senate scene
Do not believe Al and Mike are related but only share the same surname
And the fact that the reptilian brain was active in both to continuation of their political careers refrain
© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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