Wednesday, September 21, 2022

3rd 75 Basis Point Rise in the Discount Rate to Fight the Surging Inflation Biden Misled the Nation Was Only Transitory


The inflation that the Fed and the Biden Administration assured was transitory has proved to be not
The Fed today has sounded the all inflation fighters hands on deck today to have it fought
The 3rd hike of 75 basis points in 4 months in the feds funds rate
The Fed has come to its senses and is serious about inflation trying to abate
But the Fed is handicapped like a hanger of wallpaper with only one arm
For the Biden Administration spending trillions refuses to hit the reduce spending alarm
Trillions of printed money has by the Biden Administration in a very short time been spent
As more and more Americans are struggling to ends meet and wondering where their savings went
As long as the spigot of federal spending is opened wide
It is going to be a long slog to get the inflation to subside
Biden held hostage by the war on fossil fuels fanatics
Refuses to increase domestic energy production an inflation reduction so pragmatic
Instead trying to prevent an inflation induced Red wave
Keeps dipping into the Petroleum Strategic Reserve reserved to from energy production disasters the nation save
Maybe it is a desperate attempt by Blues to convince the mere mortals that they feel and share their pain
When Blue Congressional candidate Hillary Scholten making 200 grand has an ad saying on buying her kids new shoes she must refrain
Watch the housing market accelerate its crash
Higher interest on credit card debt means families have less cash
Open border, unchecked inflation, at least $20 billion a year on illegals and surging violent crime
The “Silent Majority” of the Vietnam War years today the “Silent Domestic Terrorists MAGA’s” will be coming out to vote big time

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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