Thursday, September 22, 2022

17 yr old hit and run driver wrist slapped by Gascon to juvenile camp now seeking early release


George Gascon after the second recall attempt failed due to invalid signatures on the petition
Must be feeling invincible and immune to voter outrage and such ego that he did not ape D.A. Bodine’s perdition
L.A. was outraged when Gascon sentenced a 17 year old hit and run felon who hit a mother and her 8 month old infant in a pram
Gascon’s soft of criminal guidelines sentenced the driver to a couple months in a juvenile camp and the public’s outrage be damned
Now we learn the driver is appearing in court to seek early release
Typical, the victim was kept in the dark to the chances of freedom increase
Everyone especially those very young deserve a second chance
Doubtful in a few months in camp the driver will mend his ways and to more crimes advance
From the consequences of his soft on criminals Gascon has been freed
Our violent crime wave in L.A. will continue as our safety goes to seed
Another recall attempt is hard to contemplate
Those who wanted it will have to the 2024 D.A. election wait

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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