Saturday, September 17, 2022

Ukraine Forces Retake Izyum to Find Katyn Forest Massacre Deja Vu As War Wages On and Ukraine On the Counteroffensive


The Ukraine War between Russia and Ukraine  is still being fought
And shades of Katyn Forest Massacre in WWII with the Russia the rules of war go for naught
Ukraine forces in a counter offensive Izyum retake
What they find as to that statement there is no mistake
450 bodies executed with many with hands tied behind their back
When it comes to war crimes Putin with his Stalin traits does not lack
In the fog of war the truth is always the first casualty
Ukraine failed to collapse in days and heavy Russian deaths are now the new normality
The more advanced weapons NAT0 sends to the Ukraine
The more Russian coffins will be loaded on the back to Russia trains
Russia continues to rattle sabers against the West and the dangers of its attacks on a very large nuclear power plant to ignore
Announces if the U.S. adds longer range missiles to Ukraine a red line will have crossed with increased blood and gore
While Biden the number two in the infamous Obama Syrian chemical weapons red line in the sand
Is warning Russia of consequential consequences if the urge to use nukes or chemical weapon can no longer withstand
We are edging closer to miscalculation that could escalate to WWIII
With global deaths and destructions in amounts no one in their right mind would want to see
With Ukraine wanting to its borders restore and the loss of Crimea by referendum nullify
Bringing an end to this war will sadly the efforts of the most capable negotiator defy
Clearly our cognitively impaired president is not the guy
But somehow the world must get Ukraine and Russia to the table as millions upon millions have no desire to die

© September 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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