Friday, September 23, 2022

The Only Thing Blues Can Run On Is Abortion Up to Birth and January 6, 2021


The Blues cannot run on their record at the border
Over 2 million + illegals along with drugs, human trafficking and disorder
Cannot run on the economy which is by inflation being crippled
With rising interest rates that will crush housing not just a mere ripple
With the massive amounts of spending rising prices have hit the pumps and dining room tables
Fed playing hardball interest rates catchup due to the earlier it’s only transitory fable
With citizens being robbed, raped, murdered and assaulted in soaring rates
And thin Blue Lines getting thinner due to retirement and resignations as on them Blues continue to berate
Cannot run on safety because leftist Soros funded D.A.’s are putting felons back quickly on the streets
Americans have memories and images of defund the police with them are replete
Cannot run of the Afghanistan cut and run that made us a laughingstock
With our leaving thousands of allies behind trust in our commitments blocked
With the funding arm of the DNC the teachers’ unions fighting tooth and nail
To keep schools closed, ignoring the results of viral learning as in basic skills students in larger numbers fail
Blues support of CRT
Guts King’s “I Have a Dream Memory”
Outside our shores Russia saw a weak president threatening only weak sanctions and Putin invaded Ukraine
China rattling sabers and violating Taiwan airspace meaning unlikely from invasion it will long refrain
The only things the Blues can run on is women’s abortion rights that the rights of the fetus are tossed
Blues refuse to reveal at what stage of pregnancy as birth nears closer the right is lost
Even the most rabid prochoice voter must know abortion after breaking water or  during labor would voters cost
Second to buy into the divisive Biden rants that MAGA Reds are domestic terrorists and to our democracy the greatest threat
Compared to the devastation of our military by Woke and forced vaccinations which 75 million will not take that bet
The Blues are apoplectic as McCarthy with the Commitment to America Gingrich aped
Reds in addition to attacking Blues are touting how this nation they will improve as they reshape

© September 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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