Monday, September 5, 2022

While EV's Cannot Be Charged From 4 to 9; Classic Photo of Coal Miners Pushing Tourist's EV to the Mine to Be Charged


In California a state that is pushing to ban the sale of new fossil fuel powered cars
The heat wave demands on our power grid is a warning we are moving too fast and too far
Owners of EV’s are being told that between 4 and 9
As more a more demands for power are coming on line
They must refrain from charging the EV’s
Can you imagine the terror of near a wild fire with an uncharged EV and unable to flee
This absurdity will prove to be Newsom’s Achilles Heel
As more and more EV’s are bought where will we get the power to charge these wheels
A situation totally absurd
Why a photo is worth more than a thousand words
In West Virginia a couple in an EV ran out of juice
Couldn’t call a tow truck as their plastic bottom covering would be torn loose
A group of miners from a mine a few miles away
Arrive to push the EV to the mine to be charged so it could be on its way
Coal still produces 21% of our electrical energy to charge the millions of hoped for EV’s
Wonder if the owners grateful for their help will put on the license plate border “Friend of Coal” for all to see
© September 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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