Thursday, September 8, 2022

DOJ Appeals Appointment of Special Master to Review Documents Seized


There is a growing feeling among many Americans that politicization of the FBI
Based on their past actions it is very difficult to that politicization deny
Add to that belief the war against parents the teaching of CRT protesting
Being waged by Merritt Garland’s DOJ against parents who he feels as domestic terrorists the FBI should be arresting
Too many Americans are beginning to believe that Lady Justice is no longer blind
Is teamed up with social media to censor and curtail anyone who speaks with a conservative mind
HRC had over 110 emails containing classified material on a server easy to be hacked
Yet any attempt for accountability against her Comey lacked
Instead before and after the election the FBI bought the false Steele dossier hook line and sinker
Did nothing when the creation of the dossier was linked to the DNC and linked to her
An insurance policy Strzok bragged to his paramour Lisa Paige
For years against Trump the investigation of a false Russian collusion was waged
Now we have had a raid by FBI into Melania’s underwear and every paper in sight
A judge has agreed with Trump to appoint a master in seizing all documents determine whether the feds were right
But thinking we should simply trust the FBI and DOJ
The DOJ has appealed the judge’s order to send a master away
Like the show Carson once had “Who do you trust”
The FBI and DOJ that have objectivity ground into the dust
Or an independent master with no axe to grind
And no politicization to find?

© September 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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