Saturday, September 24, 2022

Protests Against Iranian Leaders Across the Nation Due to Death of Masha Amini Following a "Heart Attack" While in CustodyLtin


22 year old  Mahsa Amini has died while in custody of Iranian police for not having a hijab on her face
Police falsely claimed this young woman died of a heart attack thinking the claim would belief in her murder erase
Since her death against the Iranian tyrants protests have the nation swept
Outcries over the fact that in ending decency and human rights the regime oversteps
Save in Russia due to the Ukraine, the Biden Administration views regime change like the plague
Fixated on trying to a nuke deal restart, words and feckless sanctions instead of getting leaders before the ICC at the Hague
We are arming the Ukrainians with all manner of lethal weapons to Russians kill
Does this feckless Administration against the Revolutionary Guard have the same will?
Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and when it acquires nukes, its terrorism will be emboldened not restrained
Iranians across the nation are in the streets of 140 cities and have torched a military base while the revolt shows no signs of being contained
Unarmed protesting citizens against Revolutionary Guards armed to the teeth
Will be met with bloodshed from automatic weapons causing deadly grief
Iran’s borders to arms smuggling are less secure than our open border
What if we started smuggling arms and explosives to cause chaos and disorder?
Doubt if the average Iranian could care less if the nation had deliverable nukes
But the Revolutionary Guard would not welcome being exposed to armed citizens’ deadly rebuke
Add to the list of arms, Western music and movies, dances and clothes
Suspect out of the misogynist confines of feudal Islam large numbers of Iranians would want to go

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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