Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Witless Whitmer Has Endorsed Blue Sheldon Neely Flint Mayoral Reelection Despite His Lying to the Voters He Has a Degree from Saginaw Valley Stateor s


Flint, Michigan with its water scandal has merited a very black eye
With a mayoral election coming up integrity and honesty we see in short supply
Blue Mayor Sheldon Neeley throughout his  long political career right up to this date
Has bragged that he graduated from Saginaw Valley State
With a degree in Communications which as a politician to voters he speaks well
But we now find that when it comes to honesty it doesn’t sell
Fox has discovered that while he attended Saginaw, he did not graduate
While it is true that a degree is not as important as the accomplishments after leaving on one’s plate
Why would a man the truth so clearly defy?
Year and year the lack of a degree never deny
A fish rots they say from the head down
Witless Whitmer has on her endorsement has stood her ground
One would think that honesty in campaigning should prevail
She should demand to keep her endorsement that he remove that false graduation detail

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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