Friday, September 9, 2022

Nearly a 1000 Illegals a Daying Flooding Our Southern Border and Blue Mayors Panic When a Few Buses with 50 illegals Arrive


On our southern border we are facing nearly 1000 illegals a day
When a busload of 50 illegals arrives in the Swamp going ballistic by Bowser is displayed
A humanitarian crisis that as a sanctuary city she is not to blame
With over 2 million illegals plus drugs and trafficking our social safety net is being flushed down the drain
When will the open border advocates realize when you overload a life boat it sinks?
When will the light bulbs go on that Hispanics and blacks believe illegal immigration stinks?
How much more chaos must we endure before Hispanics and black start voting in droves Red?
That will cause the Blues to save their seats their support of open borders shed
Illegals are not stupid the message from the Biden Administration they get
Enter the U.S., make a false claim for asylum to be sent into the interior and any fear of deportation forget
In Chicago now receiving some busloads of illegals after slamming Abbot as a man without faith Lightweight was quick to act
Bused them out of Chicago into the suburbs and hope they will not be coming back
Reds need to message that abortion under Dobbs will still be OK
As long as it protects life of mother, due to rape or incest and there is no 2nd or 3rd trimester delay
Illegal immigration, inflation, crime, drugs, and jobs is the winning message to on the airways lob
Reds cannot let Blues over abortion on demand up to moment of birth the desperately needed Red Wave rob
© September 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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