Saturday, September 17, 2022

Our Hopefully Soon to Be Lame Duck Speaker Leading Delegation to Armenia Instead of Trying to Solve Issues Life Crime and Open Border


As our border crisis continues to grow out of control
As hundreds of thousands of illegals’ needs are inflicting on our social safety net a huge toll
A humanitarian crisis on our border beyond belied
Human trafficking and deadly illegal drugs causing untold grief
Our number three in line to the Oval Office is trying out her statesman role
Leading a delegation to Armenia to achieve a peace between it and Azerbaijan as goal
Her ego convincing her that Putin failed but she will be able to the violence control
As hopefully Pelosi after Election Day will be a lame duck
And the House in January will start undoing the disasters by Biden the nation has been struck
We would be better served if our number three stayed here
Get involved in stopping the flood of illegals that daily appear
Or the violent crime in Blue run cities that has communities of color living in fear
Or curbing the Feds’ spending spree that is causing our pensions and savings to disappear
And better yet to use her legendary persuasive powers to hold Biden’s divisiveness in check
MAGA Reds are not domestic terrorists but support America first and socialism reject
Biden once said if unified there is nothing we cannot do
Yet this cognitive cripple quickly out the window any ideas of unity threw

© September 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet                                                     


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