Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The CTA a Funding Arm For Blues Caught Doing Opposition Research on Parents Wanting to Reopen Schools


The mantra of teaching the three R’s in public schools used to be
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic which progress in those studies parents were happy to see
In California with the all so power California Teachers Union as a Blues’ arm
To  them the goal seems not to teach but to parents wanting schools to reopen inflict harm
The CTA started conducting opposition research on parents wanting to reopen pandemic closed schools
Trying to portray parents wanting better education for their kids as conservative dark money tools
Ann Swinburn, a CTA opposition research hack,
Was reaching out for help in gathering dirt to a parent’s group attack
But let the cat out of the bag and cc’d a principal of one of the schools
If you want to hide your nefarious plans from parents not very cool
Wanted the principal to delete the email which is not right
Exposed the CTA lost the don’t open the school fight
Swinburn who must want all parents who question the tyrants at the CTA to crash and burn
Now has a private twitter account so inquiring and protesting parents access to her schemes are spurned

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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