Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Was Alleged Killer of Elisa Fletcher Released Too Soon And Not Rejailed Soon Enough


Elisa Fletcher in marathons will race no more
Her alleged killer was released for an earlier kidnapping serving only 20 years not 24
She was out for an early morning customary jog on a favorite Memphis University path
When a convicted felon jumped from his parked car to engage in his kidnapper’s craft
A four minute struggle and she was pushed into his car by Cleotha Abston
For her husband and two young kids their agony and worry over her safety had just begun
We learn that Abston started a life of crime at very early age
And by 16 with a gun in hand ready to against society serious felonies wage
In juvenile court numerous times from 1996-1999
Not known yet what attempts by his parents to curb his criminal activity time
In 2000 at gunpoint kidnapped a prosecutor Kemper Durand and locked him in the trunk of his car
Got two other youth, one 12, to join him on unlocking the ATMs' cookie jars
Pulled him out of the trunk to force him at a convenience store to cash withdraw
Escaped by yelling to an armed security “I’ve been kidnapped” causing the three felons to flee fearing the law

Convicted and sentenced 24 years in November 2001 but released on parole almost two years ago
Only a question of time before back to his criminal behavior he so well knows

On September 1, 2022 a police report on his using credit cards from a wallet left at his workplace
Wonder why as a felon on parole the bars of a jail he did not quickly grace
He did not and now a mother of two and a wife is dead
More hopefully to be revealed as to the failed efforts at a very early age to try to steer him from the criminal life he led
© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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