Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Double Standard Rule Biden Flights and Busing Not Human Trafficking But Red Ones to Sanctuary Cities Are


A Tale of not of Two Cities but of two types of flights
Same cargo, different plane and pilots, some during the day but many early morning or late at night
The Biden Administration has been busing and flying illegals into the interior
Going to great lengths to conceal the trips with motives dangerously ulterior
These illegals are viewed by Blues as future Blue voters who will the demographics of the nation forever alter
To cause Reds’ attempts to be elected to any offices to almost certainly falter
Sight unseen the illegals to cities and towns not equipped to handle the inflow
Blues hoping that Americans will be kept in the dark and never know
Doubtful the illegals have any ability to refuse to board
Nor do the receiving destinations have any say as their social services are gored
Sadly only when Hispanics begin to start voting  in large and growing numbers for Reds
Will the Blues come to their senses and any support for sanctuary cities and open borders shed
The Reds flights to Martha’s Vineyard on that wealthy island of elites
Produced a tidal wave of protest that caring for 50 illegals was too much so they were placed on a military base bound bus seats
Not a peep about human trafficking when the flights and buses are Blue
Not a peep about the hundred being smuggled by the cartels raped or slew
© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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