Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bill Clinton Breaks with Party to Warn of Disruption Over Open Borders


For too many years Blues seeing illegals as future votes to harvest have had their heads in the sand
To the flood of illegals from around the world driven by poverty and corruption that is out of hand
On day one of his Administration Biden started the nation down the energy dependence path
Keystone Pipeline stopped as the first casualty of his war on fossil fuels wrath
Followed by his cancellation of the border wall with huge gaps of purchased stacks of steel construction materials to be seen
A photo op moment of appointing Harris as the illegal immigration czar who for visiting the border and learning firsthand the extent was not at all keen
While Fox daily showed the flood of illegals coming across
Biden and his Administration honesty to the American public was tossed
Daily our eyes saw a tidal wave but from Biden and his minions what did we hear?
The border is secure, the nation has nothing to fear
While planes and buses transporting illegals in towns and cities started to appear
While deadly fentanyl and illegal drugs caused rising longevity rates to pivot into reverse gear
Blue representatives at the border living in the chaos of the illegals’ wave
Are beginning to the Biden Administration open border goals no longer crave
Today Bill Clinton revealed the obvious that most Americans know
There is a limit to how many immigrants a nation can take in before disruption grows
Castigated the “economic migrants” who are scamming the asylum system
Which the over 2 million illegals crossing shows it is devoid of any wisdom
Observed that 2 million refugees from Venezuela have into Columbia fled
Already as Biden observed more and more now arriving and more in the days ahead
So much so concern over the refugees mixed with large numbers of felon released from Maduro’s jails
That Reds demanded Biden increase measures to insure illegals from Venezuela attempts to cross fail
One has to admire Clinton for breaking with the Blues who demand an open border
Knowing full well it will lead to massive chaos and all manner  of disorder
And the Blues party of today
Would want Clinton and his ideas to stay far away

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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