Saturday, September 24, 2022

As Russian Males Flee Russia to Avoid Being Conscripted to Fight and Die in Ukraine, Finland Closes Its Borders


The Russian Ukraine invasion was supposed to be a walkover to achieve
They were supposed to be in a few days the rulers of Kviv
Instead with NATO weapons and Ukrainian courage the invasion bogged down
And daily more and more Russian bodies started to arrive back in Russian towns
As Russian casualties piled up more and more the bottom of the Russian barrel to scrape
Putin is calling up his conscripts and bringing back the draft prompting Russian males to try to escape
No one in Russia it seems wants to die to their Slavic cousins enslave
Especially when in so trying good chance to end in an early grave
Thousands trying to flee to Finland in quantities to cause Finland to its border close
As world condemnation over war crimes in Ukraine territories recovered from the Russians grows
We discovered a mini Soviet Katyn Forest in Izyum, Ukraine
Hundreds of civilian corpses, hands tied behind their backs, bullets in their brains
A desperate Putin is blustering the use of tactile nukes which seems so far to be a bluff
The U.S. and NATO must increase the weapons flow to into a trash bin Putin’s dream of conquest stuff
But longer ranged missiles and artillery should not the Russian border cross
But should have free range in Ukraine territories where Putin will hold sham referendum to disguise his battlefield loss
The war given its effect on worldwide food and energy supplies must come to an end
And any U.S. messages for support of regime change we must reverse and no longer send
All Russian territory including the Crimea to Ukraine returned
A pledge that membership by Ukraine it will not be able to earn
But NATO members will have the option to aid Ukraine if Russia again invades
A schedule for removal of sanctions and a restoration of the energy products trade

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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