Thursday, September 22, 2022

Mexico Earthquake Create Seiche Tsunami After Traveling 1500 Mile Over Land


We have known for decades that earthquakes on or near the ocean floor will tsunamis generate
That will flow across the seas for hundreds if not thousand miles at a rapid rate
The 9.2 Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska on the effects should remove any skepticism
12 people in Crescent City, California were killed by the tsunami some 1700 miles from the quake schism
We have now learned that the shock waves of an earthquake don’t need an ocean for a tsunami to create
On Monday a 7.6 earthquake rocked Mexico some 1500 miles from Devil’s Hole where after a 22 minute wait
A seiche like tsunami with 4 foot waves was sloshing in partially filled over a hundred feet deep cave
Fortunately no one was in the cave so no one from falling limestone had to be saved
No ocean on which the seiche needed to travel
If in house on lake so far away sense of safety to unravel
The only possible fatalities may be the endangered Devil’s Hole Pupfish that feed on the algae on the rocks
Which may largely have been washed away by the seiche created by the shock
The world is a far worse place when another endangered species becomes extinct
So far rangers have seen no fish float to the surface and we hope the algae to the rocks can quickly link

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