Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Biden Seemed Perplexed When a Deceased Walorski Was Not Present at a W.H. Event on Hunger--Teleprompter or Dementia


Was it a teleprompter reading slip
Or yet another sign of fading mental grip?
Red Rep Walorski died in a car accident a month ago
Today at an event addressing hunger Biden seemed perplexed she did not show
When asked Jean-Pierre grappled with the question and chose to punt
Biden had Walorski on his mind as he was meeting with her family to their grief blunt
An answer the press corps thought did not the issue of his mental statement confront
They asked the same question in various ways ten times to cause her great affront
It is part of the normal aging process to forget a person’s name
But when she was on his mind and a family to meet Jean-Pierre’s excuse seems lame
Each day Biden remains in office and the gaffes, lapses and miscues do not end
But seem to be increasing as the normal trend
Americans concern should grow that in this dangerous world as president he is not fit
We are stuck with a Hobson’s choice with a worse Harris if he should quit
She is the best insurance for him barring another stroke to serve out his term
Impeachment followed by conviction with Harris at the helm is a total national crash and burn
At least if Reds control the House and Senate his leftist drift will be curtailed
God help us big time in the Red Wave distracted by abortion and 1/6 fails

© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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