Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Newsom in a winter like fleece jacket and hat urging us to set the thermostats above 78 degrees and not charge our EV's


With the heat wave showing no end in sight
California managed to dodge the Stage 3 Alert to avoid rolling blackouts as we neared the night
Newsom appeared on statewide TV to encourage that Californians electricity usage conserve
Dressed in a fleece jacket and hat he looked like he was looking to a seat in cold weather reserve
Or like his French Laundry scandal during his ill-conceived lockdowns
Had he just come from a room with the air set at 69 or less ignoring his own energy usage clampdowns?
His track record on the pandemic of do as I say not as I do
To ignore the suffering we mere mortals were going through
Means a good chance Newsom was enjoying his cooling air
While the rest of us were sweltering in heat we could hardly bear
Going hell bent for green power generation is a noble goal
But not when the Sun starts to sink and power starts to fade no matter how hard we cajole
if Newsom was aping his French Laundry thumbing his nose tricks
His chance of the Oval Office is about as likely as someone trying to stand up after his drink has been laced with Micks

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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