Saturday, September 24, 2022

Investigation Cleared Mounted CBP Innocent of False Charges of Whipping Illegals Yet No Apology From Biden


A public official with some integrity and honor when he or she makes a mistake
Contriteness and a sincere and meant apology will be the path to take
But public official without integrity and honor will remain mute
Despite all manner of video evidence and all investigation the allegations did refute
Trying to control a stream of illegals mounted CBP used their reins to control their horses not illegals whip
A firestorm of criticism hurled by the MSM who on reality lost grip
Igniting howls for punishment for whipping by leading Blues and by Biden whose outrage was far ahead
Vowing the CBP agents would be punished for “whipping” illegals crossing a stream bed
Rarely have we seen our impaired president with such unmitigated fury
Though the video showing no whips was fairly clear not blurry
A thorough long investigation found no whipping, but Biden’s rant of punishment ruined the agents’ reputations
Little if any retraction which if given was buried in the MSM which lived up to its condemnation
And from Biden who ran on a promise to bring the nation together and unify
Not a word not a peep hiding behind his failed memory of his rants on which to rely
A leader of integrity would have apologized and said he was wrong
Just another example why this frail and divisive president in the Oval Office does not belong

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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