Thursday, September 29, 2022

While Florida Suffers Ian, Biden at Blue Fundraiser Attacking Reds As Threats to Democracy and Railing Against Meloni as a Example


Biden has become the one trick pony in the campaign he railed against
As rants against Reds as threats to democracy he continues to dispense
While Florida was being hit with Hurricane Ian’s devastating blows
He was at Blue Governors’ Association fundraiser to their campaign chests grow
Could not resist to toss out his overused and ragged threat to democracy card
Used the election in Italy of its first woman prime minister as why saving democracy will be hard
Giorgia Meloni is a conservative, lower tax and secure border proponent
Not some Mussolini- type fascist who is a democracy opponent
Biden railed about how hard it will be in the 21st Century democracy retain
With so much change in science, technology, environment et al hard to reach consensus in a short time to violence refrain
Biden failed to mention what is the greatest democracy threat
Probably because his mind is shot so he quickly forgets
Politicizing the DOJ and FBI while Social Media censors conservative thought
And CRT and Woke ideology 24/7 try to turn our history and foundations to rot
The solution to preserving democracy is not to elect Blue governors as he claims
It is to stop demonizing half the nation who voted for Trump and as threats so frame

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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