Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Biden Irrationally Claims It Is Not Rational to Send Illegals From Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela Back to Their Homes


Biden was questioned about the tidal wave of illegals crossing our borders each day
With a straight face he claimed it was not rational to those from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba away
Claimed numbers of illegals from Mexico and Central America are decreasing
That we should applaud his efforts while total number of illegals keep increasing
What Biden must not realize is that an unskilled, semi-literate, unvetted illegal is an illegal and on our social safety net a crippling drain
Should matter not to the adverse impact on the nation from what country he or she came
How rational was it for Biden to immediately the construction of the wall halt?
How rational was it for Biden claim the illegals’ surge was Trump’s fault
How rational was it to illegals the message on illegal immigration convey?
All you have to do is cross over, claim asylum and you will be allowed to stay?
How rational was it to end or ignore Trump’s border security measures that worked?
How rational was it to swamp the CBP with false asylum claims while the deadly drug invasion was going berserk
In a time of soaring inflation where Americans are struggling to put food on their tables
How rational was it to be spending over $20 billion on illegals’ welfare while pushing the inflation is transitory fable?
No matter how hard Biden, his Blue minions and MSM try to the border crisis coat in a sugarcoating spin
Lied to daily that the border is secure on inflation and illegal immigration the Reds if they push the narrative along with crime will win

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