Saturday, September 17, 2022

Russian Oligarchs Pritesting the War in Ukraine Are Dying Mysterious Death--When Do Russians Rise Up to Overthrow Putin With Help of Military


Russia is experiencing in its war with Ukraine  a world of hurt
In an invasion total domination in weeks the world thought the Russians would assert
The Iron Curtain may have fallen but knowing the Russian reaction to the war is hard to find
But some indication is that one has to be either a very brave or stupid Russian to on the war speak one’s mind
Putin retired from the KGB as a Lt. Colonel for 16 years
Anyone in Russia who protests against the war should have a lot to fear
Dissent in Russia is too often met with prison terms or sudden deaths
Almost 12 oligarchs in Russia who have faulted Putin for the war have suffered their last breath
Dubious accidents that are difficult to believe
More likely Putin’s attempt to complete dictatorial powers achieve
Russia when it comes to admitting casualties never has any loose lips
But many believe many more than 15,000 Russians have died as large swaths of the country they are losing their grip
It took 10 years in Afghanistan for the Soviets to lose the same number in 7 months of Ukraine War to have lost
How much longer will Russians support the cost?
Add to the body count growing each day the economic sanctions Russia is having to endure
Along with the fact that wealthy Russian oligarchs no longer feel their assets from seizure by the West are secure
And the Russian military may now feel that to topple Putin it is now time
Turn him over to the International Crimes Court in The Hague for war crimes
© September 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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