Friday, September 9, 2022

The Search for the Leaker of the Dobbs Decision Continues But Leaker Not Yet Found


As we approach the midterms some 60 days way
With Blues hoping that abortion will have a huge role to play
The Dobbs decision has been published to the Blues incite
But the identity of the leaker of the opinion draft is still out of sight
Supposedly a commission appointed by Chief Justice Roberts is still at work
Trying to identify the leaker whom many believe is a SCOTUS law clerk
SCOTUS’ deliberations are supposed to occur with the highest degree of secrecy
A leak of the draft opinion is probably the first to occur in the court’s history
The motives of the leaker are probably that of a person who abortion supported
Who rightfully assumed the leak of an impending Roe reversal would create massive public pressure to have the draft aborted
In Kavanaugh’s case the pressure was raised to an assassin with a gun
The first step of the left’s attempt to shift the court had begun
Fortunately the assassin was caught and finally the Blues were dragged kicking and screaming to SCOTUS security enhance
Such that another pro-abortion zealot would not have another SCOTUS Justice killing chance
One hopes the leaker is finally found and any chance of a legal career is smashed
Even if criminally he or she cannot be charged or be allowed for the leak not to keep any cash
© September 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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