Monday, September 19, 2022

Left Shifting Narrative From Red Winning Issues Like Inflation, Open Borders and Crime to Abortion and Trump


Reds should never doubt the ability of the Blues to obfuscate the issues and the narrative shift
As they work 24/7 to cause the nation to daily to the left drift
From inflation, crime, open border with millions of illegals and massive amounts of drugs that kill
To abortion up to the moment of birth and MAGA Reds as biggest threats to our democracy still
Trump is not on the ballot but Blues want you to believe he is still there
With his MAGA quest that the preservation of our democracy does not share
If they add to the Senate and retain control of the House what will their hidden agenda be?
Massive increases in taxation collected by 87,000 new IRS agents many with guns to see
An end to the filibuster in the Senate to ensure California like one party banana republic rule
A DOJ and FBI politicized to the beck and call of the Blues as their coercive tool
The Swamp which votes Blue nearly 90% would become a state with 2 new Senators who would be forever Blue
As icing on the cake Puerto Rico added also with 2 new Senators of the same hue
An erosion of the power of states to their elections control
A veto power by the DOJ expand the federal role
No need to pack SCOTUS because any death of a Justice of SCOTUS will ensure confirmation of a leftist replacement
A nation once the shining light on the hill, economically so strong, subject to the left’s deadly abasement

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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