Friday, September 30, 2022

Biden Asking If a Dead Jackie Walorski Was Present Is a Bad Sign on Biden Mental Acuity


It is a well-accepted fact that as one gets older a person’s cognitive ability fades
The ability to recall events, names and faces, tasks to do takes longer as it degrades
Biden had a stuttering problem while growing up
MSM and Blues are using that as an excuse when gaffes and lapses erupt
Trying to convince us that at 79 Biden is mentally up to the presidential job
Becoming harder each day as Biden’s actions and speaking imply his mental acuity has been partially robbed
A case in point that Jean-Pierre clearly could not handle and muffed
Asked again and again 10 times but could not press corps concern stuff
At a White House Meeting Biden was heard calling out “Jackie, Jackie are you here?”
Since according to Jean-Pierre he was to be meeting in two days with her family his remarks should cause us great fear
Jackie Walorski died over a month ago
If he were to be meeting with her family her death he would have to know
Jean-Pierre tried to cover by saying Biden had a lot on his mind
For Americans not to be concerned they would have to be deaf and blind
Unlike Trump who revealed his cognitive tests
Not the case of Biden which mental issues being concealed suggests
In almost every profession there a age limits to have aging people retire
Except for politicians and federal judges who can remain until at their desk or bench they expire
Term limits and mandatory retirement would probably require a Constitutional Amendment
Which given our divisiveness would likely become a non-event
Edith concealed Wilson’s stroke to enable him to serve out his term
Wonder if Jill will want to do the same as she painfully sees her husband’s mental faculties crash and burn

© September 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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